A Story in a Heartbeat

Whenever I go over Twitter’s 140-character limit, it tells me to be more creative. So I figured, hell yeah, why not?  Ernest Hemingway, in one sentence and with just six words, was able to tell a heartbreaking story. “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” If six words can do that, how about a hundred?

In this day and age of instant everything served in bits and pieces to people with short attention span, flash fiction surely has a place, as confirmed by the results I got after a quick Google search. I’ve never written flash fiction before, but I think now is a good time to try.

So here’s my first attempt at flash fiction. This one has a hundred words, including the title. It’s quite a challenge to get everything just under the word count.  I guess Twitter got that right about creativity.



Sometimes, it isn’t in the bright light of day that everything becomes clear. The truth lurks in the shadows and it comes out at night.

He has been fast asleep beside me, peaceful and serene, for the last hour. I almost didn’t hear it, had it not been for the stillness surrounding us.


Almost a whisper, barely audible even in the quietest moments like this.

“Stella. Stella.”

“Stella?” A question and a name, but to which I don’t, and can’t, answer.

He turns in his sleep.

Throughout the night, my lips remain sealed. And my eyes, wide open.

Photo by Jimmy Brown


Thank you, 100-Word Stories, for the inspiration. Stuff like this can knock off my writer’s block Chuck-Norris style.


8 thoughts on “A Story in a Heartbeat

  1. I’ve always wanted to write a fiction book (when I was youngER) but we didn’t have any blogs back then to practice. You are lucky to be able to practice this skill in a blog where your work is semi-published already ^_^

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