Maybe I’ll See Raindrops

For the past week, this blog has been getting hits from keywords involving the lyrics of the catchy song in the Nestlé short film, “Sign Seeker.” The keywords are variations of this particular line: “And I’ll hold my breath just until the train stops. Then I’ll count to ten; maybe I’ll see raindrops as I’m waiting for a sign …”

I can never fully understand Google. It gives me the occasional out-of-the-blue results for my search terms. Worse, it gives me auto-complete suggestions I wouldn’t even think of, let alone try to find online. But apparently, Google still thinks I want to know. Now, it links keywords unrelated to my blog. I didn’t have the lyrics posted on here until now, so those hits I got truly baffled me.

So what’s a person to do? Take it as a sign to write a new blog entry, of course. d=

“Sign Seeker” is a 10-minute short film about a guy who asked for all kinds of improbable signs to know for sure if he should invite his dream girl out on a date. His main dilemma? He got all the signs he asked for but he couldn’t grow a pair. Or could he? Did he finally man up? I won’t spoil it for you, so go watch it. This version has English subtitles on it, perfect for that random visitor I may possibly get from the other side of the ocean. It’s just 10 minutes long and the songs alone make it worth watching (credit goes to LoudBox Studios for the awesome tracks).

EDITED TO ADD: As of July 19, according to LoudBox Studios, “Nestle Philippines own[sic] and hold[sic] the rights to the film and, therefore, we are unauthorized to upload any song. Do send your requests to Nestle—who knows?” Also, Up Dharma Down sang “Waiting for a Sign,” according to a commenter. (=

The film is a light and pleasant feel-good fluffy piece, but it does strike a chord somewhere. It’s something to which I can relate well. I’ve asked for signs, and I know a lot of people who’ve done the same. The remarkable thing is that we make a diverse group of folks, running the gamut from the hardened atheists to the unshakable zealots (and everyone in between). We might be talking to different gods, or maybe just to ourselves, but the belief in a power greater than who are, in one way or another (may it be God the Father or a magnetic field) is a common denominator.

But I’m doing my best not to ask for signs anymore because in the past, it almost always ended up in one of two scenarios — a) I got all the signs I wanted for something I didn’t want (“If a purple Beetle with a prime as it’s plate number passes me by between 9:55 and 10:00 a.m., it’s a sign that he doesn’t like me back”) or b) I did not get the signs I wanted for something I wanted (“If I come across anyone wearing a blue shirt at any time today, it’s a sign that he’s secretly in love with me”). Obviously, I’m very unbiased … not. Anyway, in either situation, the land of denial ended up crowning me its queen because I would still insist on finding validation for my desires. But that wasn’t my biggest problem. In the rare event that I did get all the signs I wanted for something I did want, wherein the universe conspired to let things go my way for once, I still lacked the courage to let go of what I already had to go after better possibilities. I had no problem with denial but I struggled with acceptance.

I was so terrified of rejection from others that I ended up rejecting myself, when I should be my own biggest fan. People told me then that I was afraid to be happy, that I viewed happiness as a source of fear. In reality, I didn’t trust myself that I could make myself happy — and that was where the real fear came from.

And with that, instead of asking for signs, I now ask for the courage to do what I have to do, whatever the situation calls for. Because I believe that for all the indecision we are faced with everyday, most of us already know exactly what we want, as one of my favorite quotes perfectly expresses: “Flip a coin, but don’t look at the result. For that moment when coin is in the air, you’ll know what you secretly hope for.”

“And I’ll hold my breath just until the train stops. Then I’ll count to ten; maybe I’ll see raindrops as I’m waiting for a sign …”

Photo by nathalielaure


16 thoughts on “Maybe I’ll See Raindrops

    • No idea. )= I’ve seen people online refer to it as “Waiting for a Sign” but there’s no official full-length version of the song. It’s done by LoudBox Studios who are known for making music for ads, and not for commercial release. I think the copyright belongs to Nestle so let’s see if they can work something out. I hope so!

  1. This post reminded me of A Very Long Engagement. 😉

    I wanted to believe in signs. But I tend to be too specific, too impossible whenever I ask for one. So I end up not getting them ever. Except this one time, which, like you, got me totally bewildered and terrified.

    Nice post. 🙂

    • I don’t think a lot of people can handle the universe giving them the go-signal, especially when the dream involved is desperately desired but seemingly impossible. It takes a while to process it.

      I should really watch that movie. I’ve been hearing good things about it. ^_^

      Thanks for dropping by!

    • Yes, thank you! Finally, the artist’s name. (= The credits said LoudBox Studios provided the music but the list of the specific artists wasn’t included.

      I really hope all the songs in that short film will have full-length studio versions for commercial release! But I heard Nestle owns the copyright to them? Should we bombard Nestle with requests? d=

  2. And I’ll hold my breath
    just until the train stops
    Then I’ll count to ten
    Maybe I’ll see raindrops
    As I’m waiting for a sign

    The cat wakes me up
    A minute before the alarm goes
    I can tell myself
    Won’t need him to say so
    Waiting for a sign

    Lean on to me don’t ever
    Look back again no never
    Cos I am waiting forever
    This is more than a sign
    I am here and you’re mine

    If he takes me out
    And we talk til midnight
    And he holds my hand
    Til then I’ll just sit tight
    Just waiting for a sign

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